2 April 2018

How Amsterdam is reducing child obesity

Childhood obesity rates are rising in many parts of the world - but in Amsterdam they are falling. The city's healthy-weight programme has seen a 12% drop in overweight and obese children.

"Go!" shouts the instructor...

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Obesity Reviews
19 April 2018

Interventions aimed at preventing and reducing overweight/obesity among children and adolescents: a meta‐synthesis

The prevalence of child and adolescent obesity has been a major worldwide problem for decades. To stop the number of youth with overweight/obesity from increasing, numerous interventions focusing on improving children's weight status have been implemented...

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The Conversation

30 April 2018

ABC Four Corners: five articles to get you informed on sugar and Big Sugar’s role in food policy

Tonight’s ABC Four Corners program investigates the influence of the sugar industry on global policy efforts to curtail the rise of obesity. This includes the industry’s involvement in thwarting implementation of a sugar tax

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