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Sugar, not fat, exposed as deadly villain in obesity epidemic

Sugar – given to children by adults, lacing our breakfast cereals and a major part of our fizzy drinks...

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Active children become healthier teens and less prone to obesity: study

Activity in children pays off in just a few years, a study has found. Children who engage in daily physical exercise reap the health benefits as early as their teens, according to a study that will bolster calls for a national response to obesity.

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Can a citizen’s jury transform obesity policy?

A recent announcement that VicHealth will run a citizen’s jury to look at solutions to obesity was not met with support from all in the health setting. Criticisms include questions around the influence of the final report. In this post Jerril Rechter, CEO of Vic Health explains...

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Diets and drugs are not enough to tackle obesity

The number-one challenge in combating obesity is the environment we live in, says an Australian biologist who has received a Queen's Birthday honour today. The best way to address this 'obesogenic environment' is to redefine obesity research and make it cross disciplinary, says Pro..

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Fat City: What Can Stop Obesity?

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Global obesity rise puts UN goals on diet-related diseases 'beyond reach'

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More than half of us are overweight

The Bondi to Bronte walk: Esther Waltmon and Sandie Foreman with dogs Sasha and Bailey. Picture: Richard Dobson More than half the state’s residents are now overweight or obese, with our fattest district now eclipsing its US counterpart by more than 2 per cent. The shocking figur..

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Obesity - Better Health Channel

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Pre-pregnancy weight linked to offspring's cardiac risk

Women of reproductive age in Australia are now heavier than they were a few decades ago, with up to a third classified as obese...

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What Coca-Cola isn't telling you about its health funding in Australia

Coca-Cola is bankrolling a campaign to focus the discussion about obesity in Australia on exercise and away from diet

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Prevention policy “flapping in the wind”

PUBLIC health prevention policy in Australia, particularly regarding obesity and alcohol...

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Plus-sized fly: A model to understand the mechanisms underlying human obesity

A new fly model sheds light on how the brain acts to signal 'fullness'...

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I used to blame fat people. Now I blame obesity on sugar industry propaganda

I used to think excess weight was caused by eating too much and/or not exercising enough...

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Four things Australia could do to tackle the obesity crisis

Australia is being left behind when it comes to dealing with the obesity epidemic....

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