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Our mission

The mission of Obesity Australia is to drive change in the public perceptions of obesity, its prevention and its treatment. We will do this by:

  • Providing leadership and independent advice to inform sound policy
  • Building recognition of the personal, social and economic effects of obesity
  • Changing entrenched attitudes
  • Independently evaluating what works and what doesn't work in the Australian context
  • Showcasing the best science on how and why obesity occurs so it provides a base for effective community response and government funding

We will highlight current knowledge of obesity, drawing on a wealth of scientific and medical knowledge, based on research reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Council, experts in their field around Australia & New Zealand.

Obesity Australia is served by a Board who have demonstrated leadership in their field – public affairs, politics, health, public policy.

Our role

OA has two distinct and complimentary roles.

The first is as a network facilitator - communicating and connecting agencies and sources of specialist content (science, policy, advice, educational material) to amplify impact.

  • In this role OA is not of itself a source of specialist content, which is the purview of academic, non-government and government agencies. But it follows that OA must have close and coherent relationships with other groups, to ensure that it plays an effective role within the broader coalition of obesity-related entities.
  • The second, by virtue of the makeup of its Board, sees OA work to influence corporate Australia and government to act on the challenge of obesity.

Obesity in the news
These articles are a representation of the media coverage regarding obesity and related issues. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Obesity Australia Ltd, our Partners, Donors, or Supporters.

Making progress on the global crisis of obesity and weight management

13-June-2018 - The British Medical Journal

Differential Associations of Walking and Cycling with Body Weight, Body Fat and Fat Distribution - the ACTI-Cités Project

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22-June-2018 - The European Journal of Obesity

Systematic review of the evidence for sustained efficacy of dietary interventions for reducing appetite or energy intake

25-June-2018 - Obesity Reviews