Our mission

The mission of Obesity Australia is to drive change in the public perceptions of obesity, its prevention and its treatment. We will do this by:

  • Providing leadership and independent advice to inform sound policy
  • Building recognition of the personal, social and economic effects of obesity
  • Changing entrenched attitudes
  • Independently evaluating what works and what doesn't work in the Australian context
  • Showcasing the best science on how and why obesity occurs so it provides a base for effective community response and government funding

We will highlight current knowledge of obesity, drawing on a wealth of scientific and medical knowledge, based on research reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Council, experts in their field around Australia & New Zealand.

Obesity Australia is served by a Board who have demonstrated leadership in their field – public affairs, politics, health, public policy.


These articles are a representation of the media coverage regarding obesity and related issues. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Obesity Australia Ltd, our Partners, Donors, or Supporters.

04-Apr-2016 - MJA Insight

Public health prevention policy in Australia, particularly regarding obesity and alcohol, is ‘flapping in the wind’ according to experts..

Australia needs a win in obesity marathon

Media release from Obesity Australia and the Obesity Summit in Canberra November 29, 2013.

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